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Synopsis (nice and snappy short 3 - 5 sentences)

Credits - The Game  is about...
Will you read them?


Key Features (at least 3)

  • Less is More - Let your creative mind wander in the minimalistic game world and fill the visual void
  • Creative Walk and Throw Gameplay – Immersive yourself into the full experience of destroying letters and the game itself
  • Better Than Life Physics – Walk amongst a pewrfectly rendered game world giving yourself the perfect feeling of walking in a virtual space
  • Character-Driven Story Line - Get a glimpse of the people behind Credits - The Fame and find their real counterparts on the internet. They exist!
  • Clickable Credits - Let your fingers frolic by gliding smoothly over your keyboard while enjoying a nice portion of well balanced credits


Game Design // UE
Modul-Title (WS1718)
Supervised by: Csongor Baranyai

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